CONGRATULATIONS to your two new incoming Board Members who each received a 3-year term to serve your community in the HOA Board Election Mtg. that took place on Wed, Oct. 3rd: 

Jonathan Krengel and Amy Bertellotti

Here are your new Board Titles:

PRESIDENT:                  Charles Rauter

VICE PRESIDENT:         Brian Gorgius

TREASURER:                 Jennie Jackson 

SECRETARY:                 Amy Bertellotti

MEMBER AT LARGE:    Jonathan Krengel

The following Meetings are coming up in the Lakewood Springs HOA:

   Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

     7:00pm (South Clubhouse)
     HOA Board Meeting - All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings

Happy Holidays from the Lakewood Springs HOA Board of Directors and Staff!
Thank you for visiting the Lakewood Springs HOA Website - Please visit again soon ~

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